Jewelry Polishing Machine

Jewelry polisher is often used for surface polishing, chamfering, dressing, rust removal, roughing, precision polishing, black spot removal, and fine grinding. Excellent for studio and small jewelry projects.

Rotary Jewelry Polishing Machine is quite simple to operate and gives an excellent finish to materials such as rocks, stones, coins, clean cartridges, polish brass, etc. It has a clear barrel with a locking bar closure. It is excellent for studio and small jewelry projects like gold and silver jewelry polishing.

Premium Polishing Barrel
The barrel is multi-sided, made of tough polycarbonate, is leak-proof and will not corrode, uses with all types of media, including steel shot.

Large Capacity
Different from some small jewelry polishing barrels, our product has a capacity of 3L, which can fully meet the daily needs. Multiple pieces of jewelry can be cleaned together without any problems.

Multifunctional Panel
The jewelry polisher tumbler adopts the bidirectional rotation with 5 speeds & timer from 10-60 minutes. The different materials determine the different working times and speeds.

Tight Lock Buckle
The design of the tight lock provides good sealing and prevents leakage of the machine during operation. The accidental injuries can be avoided and bring you adequate protection.

No-slip Rubber Pad
The wear-resistant rubber pad has the advantage of a non-slip and shock-proof feature. The steel base on the bottom is more stable.

  • Durable & Reliable Material
  • Powerful Performance
  • Flexible Adjustment
  • User-Friendly Design