When Silver Jewelry Can Not Be Worn

Many girls always like to wear some jewelry for beauty. In addition to gold jewellery, silver jewellery is also more popular. Because it is said that wearing silver jewelry can detoxify, and wearing silver jewelry can also enhance a person's temperament, so many girls like to wear silver jewelry. Such as silver rings, silver bracelets, silver earrings, silver necklaces, silver anklets and so on. It is said that people who are in good health wear silver jewelry will more and more brightly, while people who are not healthy wear silver jewelry will more and more darker. But many people don't know that silver jewelry can't be worn casually, so you must pay attention to these three points.

1. Don't wear silver jewelry when exercising
Exercise and fitness have become a trend. People with strong bodies may hope to lose weight and shape through fitness exercises, or to achieve the goal of losing weight. Many girls who love beauty, even if they are not obese, go for fitness exercises, because they want to build a better body shape and cultivate their temperament, which can also promote physical health. Many people like to do sports, but we must pay attention to when doing sports, we must not wear silver jewelry. Because a lot of sweat will be shed when doing sports, it will corrode silver jewelry. If silver jewelry is corroded for a long time, it will turn black after a long time and affect its appearance.

2. Don't wear silver jewelry in the bath
Many girls like to wear silver jewelry, but sometimes they are a little lazy. They don't like to take it off when taking a bath, and then take the silver jewelry to take a shower. In fact, this is very bad, because some elements in the bath water will also corrode silver ornaments. If the silver ornaments are soaked in a damp state for a long time, it is not good for silver ornaments. So before we take a bath, it is best to take off all the silver jewelry before washing.

3. Don't wear silver jewelry when makeup
Many girls put on all the accessories before putting on makeup, and then after putting on makeup, they feel that they can go out directly, which is more convenient. But in fact, when putting on makeup, especially earrings and necklaces, they often touch cosmetics. We all know that there are many chemical components in cosmetics. If you often let silver jewelry touch the cosmetics, then the silver jewelry will be corroded by the cosmetics over time, and it will turn black after a long time. So when we put on makeup, try not to wear silver jewelry. It is best to wait until the makeup is finished.