What Can We Enjoy in Winter

Winter is here, “weather” you like it or not and well, we love it! You may not be surrounded by majestic mountains capped with snow (if you are, then can we come visit?), but cold weather brings people together, so we can share the warmth, love, and connection of the season. Here are 20 reasons we love winter:

1 Hot chocolate and chai lattes.

2 Oversized sweaters and tights.

3 Thick wool socks and winter boots.

4 Snowflakes.

5 The crackling noises from the fireplace.

6 Ice skating.

7 Skiing/snowboarding/tobogganing.

8 Decorating holiday cookies then eating most of them.

9 Wearing sequins to holiday parties.

10 Ugly Christmas sweaters.

11 Spending quality time with family.

12 Sending/receiving Christmas texts to/from your friends.

13 Waking up to snow-covered everything.

14 Icicles.

15 Holiday movie marathons.

16 Giving presents.

17 A much needed break from school and/or work!

18 Setting your New Year’s Resolutions.

19 Planning NYE.

20 Yummy, hearty, winter comfort-food dinners.