Tips to Get Your Jewelry For Spring

Just like your clothing, your accessories should also reflect the changing season. Here are some tips to get you and your jewelry ready for spring:


1. Keep it bright. Take a from cue from Mother Nature and incorporate some eye-catching color into your accessories like a bright pair of sunglasses or chunky coral-colored necklace.

2. Stay golden. Bring some sunshine to your spring #ootd by incorporating some warm, gold hues to wrist. Check out all of our gold bracelets.

3. Make a statement. Wear a chunky, bright necklace over your favorite collared shirt or even a crew neck sweater and some skinny jeans. Always have fun with your accessories!

4. Pretty in pastel. Spring just begs for elegant lilacs, mint greens, dusty pinks and baby blues. Mix and match or compliment with a cream-colored blouse. Either way, you’ll look as fresh as a blooming garden.