How to Know Real 925 Sterling Silver Rings

1. Look at the color
From the outside, the surface of 925 sterling silver rings for wholesale is delicate and slightly yellowish silver-white, bright and strong, and has a soft metallic luster. It can be judged that it is silver content above S925 standard silver; it will black out over time, and imitation products will not turn black.

2. Look at the logo
National Gold and Silver Jewelry Label Management Regulations: "Every gold and silver jewelry shall have marking". The logo includes the material, name and gold content, silver content and brand name, such as "S925", "S990", which means that the silver content is 92.5% and 99% respectively; gold and 925 silver ring from silver ring china maker without a logo is not reliable.

3. Weigh
Silver has a density of 10.53 per cubic centimeter. Smaller than platinum and gold, with no pendant feel in the hand, but heavier than other metals like silver.

4. Listen to the sound
Generally, the sound of standard custom 925 sterling silver rings wholesale from silver ring china maker is dull and does not bounce after landing; if it is made of copper, its voice is high and sharp; the rhyme is quick and short.

5. Look at the production process
Regular brand products should be fine and beautiful. For example, the surface is soft and bright, the appearance is regular and without defects, and the inlay is smooth and does not scratch the clothes, does not hurt the hands, and does not loosen; Jewelry pattern is exquisite, clear, smooth lines, no dizzy; Frosted surface sandblasted uniform bright without particles.