How to Custom Silver Jewelry

You can make a sterling silver jewelry if you make it from sterling silver beads. For example, you can create a ring out of your favorite necklace chain, then make the bead ring yourself or by having the jewelry chain custom cut to length. How can I make sterling silver earrings? Creating a sterling silver pair of earrings requires a bit more skill and finesse than creating a ring. You'll need to have a soldering set, silver jewelry manufacturer's saw, and a silver jewelry manufacturer's anvil or hammer and anvil. Add your jewelry skills and creativity to create sterling silver earrings.

Sterling silver jewelry is built around four basic shapes: oval, trapezoid, rectangle, and square. You can make Custom Silver Jewelry ring, earrings by making three basic cuts on each piece: Entrance cut: A cut that gives you the shape of the ring, complete with a hole for the center. Two-piece cut: This is the most common cut. You cut a silver rod and a ring from a single sheet of sterling silver. Two-piece with gap: These cuts are similar to the two-piece cut, but you cut a ring first, then a rectangular piece for the cut and hole. Optional cuts can be made, such as an arrow, pyramid, oval-over-quadrant, or heart. You can also add in different shapes with craft and primitive tools, such as wire and wood. How do you custom sterling silver jewelry?

The process is simple but fairly involved. You'll need to gather basic supplies and get to know the metal. Jewelry tools for making custom silver jewelry rings and bracelets are versatile and readily available from most chain stores. You can use an electric torch (torch) to melt and torch some sterling silver, although that will be very slow. Instead, buy a silver jewelry manufacturer's torch, which uses conventional electricity and is quite fast. If you're a novice, I recommend starting with silver clay because of its easy set-up and production time. In a pinch, you can also use a small hammer and anvil to work silver. What type of metal can I use? The only types of metal that aren't available are solid silver and tin. In general, tin- or lead-based objects will tarnish and lose their shine when struck with a hammer.

You can purchase supplies for making custom silver jewelry from most of the same places that you buy silver jewelry, such as Tonglin, and you can easily find silver clay jewelry and tools at craft stores. If you want to make your own silver jewelry you'll need sterling silver, silver clay, soldering equipment, heat gun, silver jewelry supplier's anvil, and silver wire. If you plan on making it a business, you may need to invest in a CNC machine. A small CNC machine (which stands for computer numerical control) is also called a 3D-printer, and it's basically a computerized stamping press that can manufacture jewelry. You can go into a local craft store and search for custom silver jewelry making supplies. The more experienced silver jewelry supplier can probably help you to find the silver clay that you need.