How to Clean Blackened Silver Jewelry

1. Silver jewelry can also be cleaned with a soft brush and toothpaste.
Dip the jewelry in water first, then use a soft toothbrush to squeeze a little toothpaste (avoid abrasive particles), gently scrub the surface of the silver jewelry, and dry it with a soft cloth to make it bright as new.

2. Soak in cola
We take the Coke we drink everyday, and put it in and soak it. This is more suitable for bracelets that are not very good at brushing. There are more outlines and patterns. If you can’t brush it, just use this method, soak for a period of time, and then wash it.

3. Wash with vinegar or tea
You can use vinegar or strong tea to scrub, and the effect is the same. It depends on which method is more convenient for you.

4. Use a professional silver wiping cloth
Buy professional silver wipes to wipe. What is a professional silver wiper paper? It is a special professional cloth, and then there will be silver powder on it, so that it can be wiped clean.

5. Use alcohol or ammonia
You can also use alcohol or ammonia to scrub, which will react to black oxides. You can also try.

6. Silver washing water is also an option
However, it has a high degree of corrosion to silver jewelry, so it is best to wash it with plenty of water after cleaning to reduce corrosion, and finally wipe it dry with a soft cloth.