How To Choose Sterling Silver Necklace

Sterling silver jewelry has always been a favorite object of people, especially in summer, many girls will wear sterling silver necklaces to embellish themselves. Because silver necklaces are very "famous" in the jewelry industry, many people are intoxicated by its exquisiteness small shape and faint silver brilliance like moonlight. There are also many imitation silver necklaces on the market, which is dazzling. So how to choose a real silver necklace to avoid buying fakes?

1. See mark
The most important thing to buy a silver necklace is to determine that the necklace is a "silver necklace". The symbol of a silver necklace is S. For example, a silver necklace with a 92.5% silver content is marked as S925, and a silver necklace with 99% silver content is marked as S990.

2. Look at the price
The price of a necklace can also reflect its material properties to a certain extent. For example, the price of S925 silver necklaces is cheaper than S990 silver necklaces. In order to buy good necklaces with high quality and low price, it is best for ladies to go to a large shopping mall or brand store with high reputation to choose necklaces.

3. Look at the color
The silver necklace with the higher the color, the whiter the silver and the more uniform the surface of the necklace. If you find that the silver necklace is blue-gray, then it is likely to have metal "lead" added, while the silver necklace with a rough surface and no color is likely to be added with metal "copper".

4. Look at the weight
In metal jewelry, the weight of silver necklaces is heavier than aluminum, and lighter than copper. So when you buy it, you might as well pick up the necklace and weigh it. If the necklace is large but light in weight, then it is likely to be other metal jewelry!

5. Listen to the sound
The higher the color of the silver necklace, the sharper and more rhymed the sound when it hits the wall. While the copper necklace has a higher sound, but it is quick and short. And the sound of lead and tin products is dull and short. So the sound identification method is also a good choice.