How to Choose Sterling Silver Jewelry For Children

Pure silver and gold jewelry is good for children. It can help children calm their minds and ward off evil spirits, but be careful not to wear gold/silver alloy jewelry for children, and the weight and size should not be too heavy.

1. Don't buy too heavy. Generally, it is best to buy jewelry for your baby with a weight of about 20 grams, and if you add a bell, it should not exceed 26 grams. After all, the baby is too small to bear too much weight.

2. When choosing bracelets, try to choose a "walking ring". The baby's hands are still small, so it's definitely impossible to wear it properly. If you have a walking ring, you don't need to adjust it to cause the jewelry to be deformed.

3. Pay attention to excessive lead content. Beware of lead in silver jewelry. It is difficult to separate harmful substances from materials, and some jewelry manufacturers do not carry out these projects in order to reduce costs. It is best to go to a regular shopping mall to buy a regular brand. After you buy it, you can go to a nationally recognized jewelry, jade and precious metal testing agency to check the purity, harmful substances, authenticity, and so on.