Guide to Care Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is a great nickel-free metal for jewelry because it is hypoallergenic. It is used for piercings and accessories because it is safe to use with its silver and copper combination.

Before we get into the details of cleaning your sterling silver jewelry, here are some rules for general maintenance.

Silver becomes tarnished after it has been exposed to heat, air, or moisture. It may not be possible to completely avoid the elements to protect your favorite pieces but these tips can help you maintain their shine.

  • Store jewelry in a dark, place and use anti-tarnish bags
  • Ensure the temperature is cool and limit the humidity
  • Use a piece of chalk or bag of charcoal to help absorb moisture
  • Avoiding exposing jewelry to extra moisture by leaving it in the bathroom
  • Do not wear jewelry while swimming, bathing, or washing dishes
  • Put on your jewelry only after you've used lotions and perfumes

You may be surprised to know that actually wearing your silver is one of the best ways to keep it from tarnishing. The friction created while you wear your silver keeps it shiny.