30 Things You’ve Got To Do Before 30

Your 20s are some of the best and most challenging years of your life – you’re trying to find yourself, fit in, stand out, pay off student debt, grow up, make crazy adult life decisions, live up to your parent’s expectations and post better vacay pics on your Instagram than your frenemy. Here’s 30 Things You’ve Got To Do Before 30 to get you on track:

1) Travel abroad for a year.
2) Go through a relationship break-up.
3) Take care of your health so it becomes a habit for the rest of your life.
4) Stay up all night and dance at a music festival.
5) Go skinny dipping.
6) Book a mansion cottage for you and 20 friends in the summer.
7) Learn how to surf.
8) Live by yourself.
9) Work hard and pay your dues. There is still so much to learn.
10) Be selfish.
11) Buy the bikini/purse/bracelets/shoes/outfit/whatever. Cuz #treatyoself.
12) Spend time with your parents.
13) See as much of the world as you can.
14) Get on stage at a Diplo concert.
15) Think about the person you want to become.
16) Go to Vegas with your best friends.
17) Read books.
18) Take yourself out on dates every few weeks.
19) Be the best uncle/aunt to your siblings’ kids.
20) Be conscious about your impact on the environment.
21) Binge watch Netflix wearing XL sweatpants without any guilt.
22) Go to Australia and hold a koala.
23) Dye your hair mermaid colors.
24) Stop drinking Smirnoff Ice.
25) Try being a vegetarian for a month.
26) Fall in love.
27) Sleep in. Once you have kids, those two words disappear.
28) Figure out your dream job.
29) Live in the moment.
30) Find yourself so your 30s become the best decade of your life.