Garnet Stone Jewelry Gifts

Believed to be a sign of good omen and protection, ages ago, people saw birthstones as a lucky charm. They certainly believed that they contained some magical powers that kept the evil eye away and supported good health. Now, it’s all about fashion, and trends.

Garnet is January’s Dazzling birthstone. Coming from a Latin word, ‘Granatus’, which means seed-like, referring to the pomegranate seed, this stone is believed to date back to biblical times. Used since the Bronze Age as gemstones and abrasives, Garnets are known for their healing properties. The pharaohs in Egyptian tombs have necklaces and talismans studded with garnets. During the Middle Age, in Roman and Greek Civilizations, it was a sign of nobility.

Coming from various parts of the world, Bohemia was the primary source of garnets during the Victorian era. In the 19th century, green garnets from the Ural Mountains were very prized in the Russian royalties. Today, Africa is the highest supplier of garnet all around the world. Other known suppliers of the gem are California, Brazil, Iran, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

While the garnet is given such a name due to its similarity with pomegranate, they don’t specifically come in red hues only. They are available in a range of colours, including orange, green, pink, purple, blue and, in rare cases, colourless. This is due to the presence of elements like pyrope, almandine, grossular, andradite, and spessartine.

Garnets are purifying stones. They can help the mind and body to detoxify.
It is said to bring positive Karma to the wearer who falls under the January Birth month.
It brings the wearer monetary fortune.
Reflects positive changes.
Symbol of love and friendship.
Wards off bad dreams and night terrors.
Believed to have protection abilities.
Garnets provides the wearer with loyalty and unchanging affections.
In biblical legend, it is said that Noah’s Ark had a garnet stone as a source of light.
It was also, in the Medieval era, was used a s a remedy for inflammatory diseases.
Ancient warriors believed wearing garnets brought home victory.
Although we are halfway through January, it is never too late to find yourself perfect garnet jewellery.