Although Panama is a relatively small country, it has a Caribbean coast of exotic beaches, tropical jungles, beautiful mountain refuges, a cosmopolitan capital or even the 8th Wonder of the World and in addition to all this country has much more to offer.

About Panama

Panama is the safest country for citizens, tourists and business people throughout the region. It has the lowest crime rates against tourists in the region and a relatively low crime rate in general. One of the first things that foreigners living in Panama can tell you is how safe they feel compared to other places in Latin America. Panama City, like any big city, has some neighborhoods that are best avoided, but in general, you can go through Panama City without any worries. I guarantee it.

It also has a first-world infrastructure, the second largest free trade zone in the world, a banking sector with more than 100 banks, first-class hotels, restaurants, and luxury stores. Even tap water is safe to drink, a rarity in Latin America.

The telecommunications system is advanced, as are the financial and services sectors. Panama is a technological leader in Latin America thanks to the strong growth in the penetration of the Internet with the boom in wireless service subscriptions and the acceleration of broadband penetration.

What does Panama offer?

It also offers impeccable medical care, offering the best medical services in Central America. Panama is expanding its national health system with the construction of new facilities throughout the country, including 5 new hospitals in the main regions. And more than anywhere else in Latin America, you can easily find doctors and dentists who speak English. It is also important to keep in mind that the full coverage of health insurance policies is reasonably priced. And as a reference in medical services, in Panama City, you can find the Punta Pacifica Hospital, the only hospital in Latin America affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine.

With the second most competitive economy in Latin America, according to the 2012 World Economic Forum for Competitiveness Report, Panama also has foreign investment incentive laws, a simplified tax structure and a growth rate of 10%.

All this is causing Panama to end up replacing Miami as the business center of the Americas due to the problems of companies obtaining US visas.

As part of Central America, Panama is just a short flight away. Ten of the major cities in the United States have direct flights to Panama: Los Angeles, Washington, New York, Miami, Houston, Atlanta, Orlando, Dallas, Chicago, and Toronto are offered by Delta Continental, American, Copa and Spirit Airlines. From Europe, there are direct flights from Amsterdam with KLM and from Madrid with Iberia.

Panama does not have hurricanes or major earthquakes. The country is blessed to be the only one in Central America absolutely free of hurricanes. Panama also does not have destructive earthquakes like those that affect its neighbors in Central America. So your vacation in Panama will never have to be rescheduled due to natural phenomena. What you invest in property will always be safe from these natural catastrophes.

Why live in Panama?

Another reason why Panama is a great place to live is for the Panamanian people themselves. To begin with, there is a saying that points to Panama as the home of immigrants from everywhere. Historically, numerous communities composed of different nationalities have grown up and have been very friendly.

The Panamanians are very nice and gentle. As a result of their long-term exposure to a wide variety of international visitors, they are more cosmopolitan compared to many others.

Not everything is rosy, and we must recognize that there is still poverty in Panama, but there is no extreme poverty. There is no misery like in other countries of the world. Life expectancy in Panama is comparable to that of developed countries. The population enjoys free public education and decent public health care.